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    Question Schedules

    I been hearing a lot of talk about tweaking our work schedules like 2 on 2 off 2 on 96 off or 48/72. My Question is by working those schedules A and B shifts no longer exist and do you work for a few different supervisors? Why cant we have a 3rd platoon? We spend more money hiring personnel for positions that were vacated by fire fighters that left for city/state positions for a better schedule. If we had a 3rd platoon turn over would be very minimal which Equals money saved.

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    My station is currently going the motions of changing to the 48/72 schedule but we are lacking some good SOP's for the schedule. If any out there that is working this schedule and has a copy of their SOP's or SOG's for this schedule they could e-mail me I would greatly appreciate it.


    Dusty L Bruce, BS
    White Sands Missile Range, Fire Dept
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