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    Default Pockets Full vs. FirePlier Multi-Tool

    When I was a rookie Firefighter, I always wanted to be Johny On The Spot. Now after 20 years on the job, I still want to be Johny On The Spot, but don't want the extra weight on my back (due to carrying several tools).

    I now carry a tool called a FirePlier made by Pocket-Tool (Truth be told, I invented the tool one Christmas as gifts for my Engine Crew). Since then I've come up with a second design and have them both submitted for patents. I'll attach a photo, but check out www.pocket-tool.com or www.fireplier.com for more details.

    In my opinion this tool is much better than carrying all the tools that it replaces:
    compact hydrant wrench
    Spanner wrench
    Gas Shut off
    10” Tongue and Groove Plier ( ie. Channel Locks) - Curved jaw
    #1 Phillips Screwdrivers
    #2 Phillips Screwdrivers
    1/4” Standard Screwdrivers
    3/16” Standard Screwdrivers
    1/4” Nut Drivers (great for residential appliances access panels)
    5/16 Nut Drivers (great for commercial appliances access panels)
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    Obviously somone didnt read their terms-of-service!!!!
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."

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    Oh no....the WT will be up in arms. If it was Capt. Boob it would be Ok though.
    Jason Brooks
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    1. those welds look like they would break with the flick of my wrist.
    2. what happens when i need a larger or smaller opening to fit the hydrant.
    3. looks perty cheap.

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    These tools have been sold on Ebay for quite some time and the Feedback has been 100% positive. There is also 30 plus References on the FirePlier.com web site. Not one broken tool and not one broken weld!

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    The main frame is drop forged chrome nickel steel. Chrome nickel steel is tougher and more durable than chrome vanadium which most decent pliers are constructed. The main Frame used in construction of a FirePlier Tool is a Professional Grade slip groove plier. In other words, the tool is stronger than most slip groove pliers. A FirePlier Tool is not intended as a replacements for the much larger and stronger Hydrant Wrench. As a Hydrant Wrench is not intened to be carried in your gear pocket. FirePliers are intended to help you out in a pinch and act as a truly useful multi-tool. They are not watered down weak tools that will break when put to the test. If you break a tool, send it back and it will be repaired or replaced. I'm a hard working Firefighter from a hard working Department and this tool is tough enough to get the respect of many other hard working men and women across the U.S.A.

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