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    At our past training night our training officer set a a very good senario for us.
    He had a junk van from the local yard rolled on it's side. When lifting the van using 2 airbags stacked on top of each other, should one be raised full then the second or both raied together?

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    I'm no expert on bags as I have never had any hands-on experience with them. But if I remember correctly from all the incidences that I have seen them used, they are blown up separately, one after the other.

    I hope I am right, I know there will be people with the proper knowledge here shortly to give you a more official answer.
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    Inflate the lower one until the bags meet the object to be lifted then use the second to complete the lift.

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    Recommended practices will depend on the type of bag.New generation round(ResQtek)or square bags are inflated in opposite order.On squares we usually inflated the bottom bag first,then the top bag.Just make sure the smallest bag in the stack has enough capacity for the lift you are attempting. T.C.

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    Like RESCUE101 said depends on the type of bags you have (low, medium or high pressure). We have high pressure bags, the key to a good lift is a good solid base. We carry two pieces of plywood covered in diamond plate this can be set on the ground or on top of cribbing to provide a non slip base, plus it helps spread the weight of the object you are lifting. The other thing is to making sure both bags are centered on each other. The usually lift order is bottom bag first, then the top bag,and don't forget crib as you lift.

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