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    Default something you never want to hear

    We were toned today with our local ambulance to stand by our station and wait further instructions. We thought, well cops must have a meth lab or some bogus bomb threat somewhere. We called our dispatch and were told that there had been a shooting in the grade school, officers were responding and to standby. It wasn't 20 minutes before that i had just sent my 6 y/o son with my neighbor who is a teacher to school. My heart dropped, almost everyone at the station had kids in school. In my years at that firehouse i have never heard our station so quiet, no one said a word. After 15 minutes of running game plans through my head and pacing around,we were told to stand down. Seems someone thought it would be funny to get ahold of a school radio and scream multiple times about a shooting. Thank god it was a hoax and man did i ever hugs my kids when they got home.

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    My daughter isn't in school yet but it scares me to even think about the mentioned scenario... wow.

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    I happened upon your post while "surfing" the forum. You have my regards for what must have been a very stressful period of time. I work full time in law enforcement, at a college campus no less, so after the Virginia Tech shooting, all of these events (rumor or otherwise) strike home.

    Since you have the topic up, I would like to post a website for you. and anyone else who is interested, to take a look at:


    When I first head about the two guys who started this organization, I thought they were crack pots.... but now that I have taken the training and had the chance to look at things after Virginia Tech, I am FIRMLY convinced that we need to change how we deal with insane people who are hell-bent on just killing others!

    The attitudes must change, so I figured I have nothing to lose by throwing it out on here for some people to see.

    Take care --- and I will say a prayer for you and your crew for having to endure the threat of responding to a terrible scene...
    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

    "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter

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    Glad it was just a hoax.
    ~But with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26~

    ~The very worst fire plan is no plan. The next worse is two plans. ~

    ~Stay Safe! Everyone Goes Home!~

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