Hey y'all, how's it going? I'm Matt. I've been lurking around the forums off and on for the past few months reading threads and so forth, thought I'd finally get around to joining!

Anyway, as I said my names Matt. I'm 18 and I live on my family's cattle farm in a very rural part of Alabama, when I'm not chained to the farm I'm a volunteer fireman in my community. We're a very rural department, there are about 70 folks that call our community home, you could liken our community to a "Mayberry" of sorts (just minus a sheriff, barber, school and traffic lights) it's a quaint little place where bizarre things happen, time passes slower and progress is always about 10 years behind. We aren't completely cut off from civilization though. we have alot of traffic that by passes us on two major state highways in our response area so we stay fairly busy. Firefighting has been something I've really enjoyed doing. I've been a fireman since I was 15 and I've loved every second of it. It's given me great life experience and the opportunity to give back to my community, I hope to further the training I've received and attend the Alabama Fire College to one day become a paid fireman.

Anyway! I hope to learn some new things from the veterans here and even from the new comers (like myself) in the field who have learned the hard way through the embarrassing little things life teaches us sometimes. I hope to make a few friends here as well, hopefully here's the start to a long stay!