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    Unhappy Need some advice...

    I've been working on the wildland side of things for about 15 years. I was offered an opportunity to attend a training academy back in the state where I grew up, and packed up and moved, excited about my new opportunity. The academy required that you maintain a 90% on everything. I did not previously have the state FFT1, which looking back would have helped a lot prior to attending.

    Long story short, we had our manipulative final after a month and I thought I did ok, but a couple of days later was called in and told that they were letting me go because I failed one portion of it. To put it mildly, I was in a bit of sticker shock when they told me, as I thought I had done ok. I had the option of being terminated or resigning under good standing. I took good standing. I was also having a tendonitis problem in my ankle which I was having to work around (they didn't want me to run, but I did the rest of the PT because I didn't want to quit)

    I had been wanting to work for this agency for a long time. They are going to be testing again in 2 years, which means I will be around 39 IF I get the opportunity to attend again (this would be after passing the written, CPAT, Chief's interview, etc). One thing I DO plan to do is get my FFT1 and EMT this time beforehand, instead of going into it blind. What I need to know is should I go for it again for this agency, or will the fact that I failed the first time reflect badly on me ("Well, you tried once with us and failed, why should we let you in again?") Any advice would be greatly appreciated at this point. This was my opportunity to move back to my home area and give back to my community, and I lost it. Trying to remain optimistic but it's a little difficult right now...

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    I would have to say you should keep on...keeping on. If you want it bad enough, and work hard at it, it will come. Trust me, I know!
    You may want to check with age requirements though, some departments have strict age limits.
    I would also do your research.... find out as much as you can about the dept. you are interested in, and what education will help you succeed. Remember that thousands of people want this job, and it is very competitive, so be on top of your game. And lastly...be yourself
    Good Luck

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