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    Default Looking for Logistics Inventory Software, What are you using?

    We are looking for a inventory software to track our supplies from the logistics center to the stations. Tracking usage, min levels, drugs expirations, ordering, online catalog, etc...

    What is everyone else using?


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    We too are interested in improving our order processing for Fire and EMS supplies. Too bad no one else has replied. We are suppling about 40 fire stations and 20 EMS stations over a 2000 square mile area. Moving about 50K of supplies per month with three dedicated stock and supply personnel and a buyer. We deliver three times per week to the EMS stations and once per week to the Fire stations.

    We currently take orders via phone and email, but are going to an email only system in the near future. Supply lists are web-based and restrict stations from ordering over the "par" (max storage amount per station). The problem is that the cummulative amounts are not easily tracked per station for trend analaysis and there is no interface with the warehouse inventory database.

    What I have in mind is something similar to an on-line ordering process like at Amazon.

    We use Oracle as our ERP and would love something that would easily interface with it.

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