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    Unhappy Troubled youth 'too bright' for B.C. support services

    Troubled youth 'too bright' for B.C. support services. Dad disagrees and takes his case to court

    Darah Hansen, Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver-area father has turned to the courts in a last-ditch effort to prevent his developmentally disabled teenage son with a history of severely pathological behaviour from being cut off government support services because the youth's IQ is too high.

    It's the second case of its kind in British Columbia in recent years.

    But advocates with the B.C. Association for Community Living say more legal challenges could be on the way if the province doesn't come up with a better system, other than IQ, to measure the support needs of vulnerable adults.

    I don't think the best way to solve social policy problems is through the courts, but in the absence of other options, that's where families have to go," said Laney Bryenton, association executive director.

    The most recent petition -- filed April 23 in B.C. Supreme Court -- alleges the government is acting illegally in denying support services to the youth in question.

    The youth -- whose identity is protected by a court-ordered publication ban -- is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome with severe obsessive compulsive behaviour, and has been living in a residential group home for the past two years. Now 18, he moved to the home two years ago after he was deemed a severe risk to himself and his mother, whom he can only see on supervised visits outside of the home because he can't control his aggression toward her.

    According to a psychiatrist's statement contained in the court petition, the youth has a long history of "severely pathological behaviour," including "very disturbed sexual impulses toward other females and his own body."

    The petition states the youth can't take care of himself -- he falls asleep when he is cooking and is unable to manage money.

    "Other examples of his severely disturbed behaviour include trying to 'take apart' a live bullet with pliers and a hammer and to 'clean' electrical sockets by removing the faceplates and spraying a liquid cleaner, which he would wipe off with a damp rag.

    "This young man will require ongoing, intensive treatment and support for at least several more years," the psychiatrist states in the petition.

    Yet because his IQ is "significantly higher" than 70, the petition alleges Community Living British Columbia, which provides support for developmentally disabled people, takes the position that he does not fit the category of "developmentally disabled" and is, therefore, not eligible for continued support services past his 19th birthday on June 4.

    Times Colonist (Victoria) 2008

    Any comment from those who provide this level of care? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

    {although, how did he come into possession of live ammunition??????? }

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    One of the clients at this center actually has an IQ of 150, speaks 3 different languages fluently, is computer savvy and can tell you the name of any capitol in the world. The only problem? This client is on meds for extreme paranoia (among other things), has self-injurious behaviors, doesn't understand about money and can't cross a street without help.

    I hope that court in BC can see past the number on the IQ to the person behind it and insure this person gets the help they seem to need.

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