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    Post Training Ideas for VFD?

    Good afternoon.

    I am the training officer for a small (20 member) VFD in a remote city in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am new to this position and we have a lot of work to do to get our training program up to speed. I am hoping someone can help me with some training ideas. We literally have nothing in the file at this point. In the past we trained infrequently when working on a specific new capacity for our department (vehicle rescue, HAZMAT decon). I am looking for resources we can put into use to make sure we are improving our capabilities and safety on the fireground.

    Thank you for your help.

    Jon Stone

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    Firefighter Survival Drills. Engine/Truck/Rescue Company functions. Go to fdtraining.com

    There are many more training websites out there. Firefighter Closecalls is an excellent resource (mentioned above). Good luck and Keep on Training!

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    Can you commit the firefighters to a regular drill night? I know that is ambitious for some of the smaller departments, but it's not impossible.

    We meet every tuesday night at 7 and routinely go 2 to 3 hours long.

    If you are not meeting at all, start with at least 1/month or every other week.

    As for specific drills, the basics. Hoseline advancement, SCBA confidence/awareness, ventilation/ladders, drafting/engine operations, etc.
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    There are many available resources. Louisiana State University has a vast library of Fire Service related training materials on their website. Texas A&M has many WMD courses online at TEEX.com, The other sites mentioned are also a very good resource to use.

    Another route you can go is to contact your State training facility for assistance.
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    Take a Look at www.MFRI.org That's the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, which is a part of the University of Maryland. They have downloadable Drills and stuff that should be of help to you.
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    If you are a subscriber to Fire Engineering, they have a drills section and a video section with a lot of helpful tips on basic skills such as pulling a ceiling, checking for extension, vehicle extrication, etc.

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