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    Default Hazmat Operations help

    I am studying for the hazmat ops test coming up and could use some help. Has anyone taken it what can I expect? Are there any study guides around online I could use that anyone knows about? For our probe class this is all self taught and were all strugling to usefull info from the stuff we can just skim over. Any help would be great.

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    Default Transcaer Safety Train and Hands On Training

    If you are anywhere near Buffalo,NY on September 22, Norfolk Southern, Transcaer and the Chemical Industry will be bringing a special train to Bison Yard in Buffalo. The train includes several training tank cars on which hands on training in dealing with incidents, the different types of valves, etc. plus seminars and other exhibits that provide beneficial training for those of you who deal with hazmat incidents. In addition, a specimen tanker truck will be on display so that you can also learn to deal with incidents involving highway vehicles as well as rail cars. Transcaer has the entire Whistlestop tour schedule on their website. Try to attend one of these all day sessions if they come to a town near you. It will be worth your time and provide you with valuable training, which is free. A day at one of these Whistlestops, regardless of the railroad involved will be a day well spent. I hope this helps.

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