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    Default Brave man

    Safety reminder of the day:

    When on a highway scene, use your rig to block as much as you feel you need/are allowed.

    Keep your head up and pay attention.

    This trooper is a brave man. He almost sacrificed his life to protect someone he pulled over on the suspicion of drunken driving. He has back and hip injuries. I sympathize with the back issues. Heal well and quickly Trooper.

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    The article on indicates that the trooper was investigating a MVC when the incident occurred, the driver in the original incident was arrested for DUI.

    Thanks for posting the video to make others aware....
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    Awesome job to the Trooper. It's a miracle nobody was killed in this incident.
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    I don't know. I've seen this video a billion times now, and it just looks to me like, while he was yelling for them to watch out, he was moving his own *** away from them. I can't see where he was pulling or pushing them out of the way. In fact, he himself, in his attempt to move out of the way, moves INTO th way.

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    I watched this video about 20 times. It almost looks like the little white/gray car that enters at 4 seconds (just before the red car) was changing lanes into the red car. Does it look that way to anybody else?

    These people are lucky to be alive.

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