before i say anything i have searched

im a 24 year old seasonal FF/EMT with CDF and feel that im ready to start testing with local government departments. the problem is that i may have potential issues on my background...i smoked pot on occassion through high school and my first year of college, tried cocaine once in high school, and was deliquent on a small hospital bill my first year of college (not really my fault, they sent it to the wrong address). other than this i have a clean record and everything else should be fine.

since this ive got my A.S. in Fire Science, B.A. in Public Admin., went through a FFI academy, and have accumulated about 5 years of seasonal and volunteer work. i understand that my history is not going to be looked well upon, but if im honest, what are my chances being hired based on my commitment in my hard work?

i just dont want these mistakes to come back and bite me in the *** and have all this work towards a career in fire account for nothing.