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    NFPA PDF File
    6.4 Eyes and Vision.
    6.4.1 CategoryA medical conditions shall include the following:
    (1)*Far visual acuity. Far visual acuity less than 20/40 binocular, corrected with
    contact lenses or spectacles. Far visual acuity less than 20/100 binocular for
    wearers of hard contacts or spectacles, uncorrected.
    (2)*Color perception. Monochromatic vision resulting in inability to use imaging
    (3)*Monocular vision.
    (4) Any eye condition that results in a person not being able to safely perform
    essential job tasks.
    6.4.2 Category B medical conditions shall include the following:
    (1)*Diseases of the eye such as retinal detachment, progressive retinopathy, or
    optic neuritis
    (2)*Ophthalmological procedures such as radial keratotomy, Lasik procedure, or
    repair of retinal detachment
    (3) Peripheral vision in the horizontal meridian of less than 110 degrees in the
    better eye or any condition that significantly affects peripheral vision in both eyes
    Question: Is this saying these are the requirements in both eyes?

    I have an intra-occular lens in my left eye; a surgical implant. Since I was five years old. It has not hindered me from doing anything (besides meeting requirements to join other forms of civil service, such as the military, police academy, etc.).

    I am interested in wildlife fire fighting. But I would like to make it a career, rather than a volunteer service. I read the topic on here about the 100% blind volunteer whom actively takes part in fire sites (tho not as the usual firefighter would, obviously).

    In my left eye, the only letter on the eye chart I can read w/o my corrective lenses (glasses) is the big E. With glasses, I can usually make out some of the letters on the second line. I'm telling you this cause I don't know my exact vision ratio. My right eye is corrected to 20/20.

    Is there any chance I could get certified and what-not to be a firefighter, granted my other physical conditions are acceptable?
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