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    does anyone use this helmet? my department uses the 1010 and it is a great helmet. i was looking at purchasing an 880 for my personal "side job ventures"

    the only reason i was looking at the 880 is all for looks since it is pretty much the same function as a 1010, i think it looks pretty cool with the low crown. some info on likes and dislikes of this helmet would be appreciated.

    also, if anyone knows where i can find an original ben franklin, circa 1995 and 96 then i would love some help, ebay only turned up the new ben 2.

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    I have one and I love it. Mine is the chicago with the matte finish. I have never wore a 1010 but I think the 880 weighs a little less.

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    I got an 880 and disliked it, I'm a big guy and the helmet looked stupid sitting on my head. I also found the headband was quite uncomfortable, so I sold it and bought a New Yorker, best investment I've ever made. I also own a Ben2 with EZflips, also a great helmet. Can't say I recommend the 880 though.

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    I tried a few 880's on and it seemed too small. I'm not a huge guy, but fair sized 6' 220lbs... Seemed like it was a toy on my head. I ended up with a 1044 and I love it...

    The opinions in the above post do not reflect those of my department... Hell they don't even necessarily reflect my own opinion.


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    I have to agree with the two above posters. The 880 seemed small on my head, and I also thought the headband was very uncomfortable.

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    If you are looking for a less expensive helmet, the 880 is the way to go. It still meets NFPA. It is a budget helmet with the traditional look. I just took delivery of one as a demo. I plan on putting it through its paces in the the next couple of months to see how it holds up compared to my other helmets. I will post more after trying to burn it off my head. So far it looks good. As far as what you want to use it for, I would do the same thing.
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    I use a 1010 in the municipal and an 880 in industrial. I love the 1010, heavier but it seems to wear the weight easier. The 880 seems top heavy and very uncomfortable after about 10 minutes. I would never spend my own money on an 880. I'd spend a bit more on the 1010 in a heartbeat.

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    If you think the 1010 is a little to heavy and want a lighter helmet try the 1044. The 880 is lighter, but made of polycarbonate material. The 1044 is the same duraglass material as the 1010, with the same impact cap. The differences are a few less ounces of weight, the finish (matte instead of gloss) and that the color runs thru the material instead only in the gel coat. This means that chips and scratches dont show the white material, but stay the color of helmet. Also runs about $30 less. Try it with the defender eye shield. I've had one for about a year and like the balance without the larger face shield.

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