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    Default Exterior Only Fire I Class?

    So I've taken Fire I, only to find out right before the test that I have exercise induced asthma, which inhibits me from being able to be Interior (and to use the SCBA) according to NFPA regulations, so the doctor would not clear me to complete my Fire I course.
    I can be exterior, Only problem is that I need to be Fire I certified to stay in my dept. Chief says I can take an exterior only version of Fire I, however, neither of us can find such a class.
    Has anyone heard of such a class? If so, where can I get information on it??

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    Unfortunately, there is no such class. In order to be certified to the Firefighter I level, you must participate in a live fire evolution that is audited by the CT Fire Academy Certification Division. NFPA publishes a specific curriculum and a list of skills that must be completed. The State of CT is accredited by IFSAC and Pro Board (National Certification Agencies) and in order to maintain that accreditation, they can not deviate from that curriculum in any way. My advice is to get your Class Q endorsement or your CDL and just drive. Many volunteer departments allow their non-interior firefighters to drive the apparatus.

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    There is no such class that I know of either. I know in NY you can take just an exterior class, I believe they do go over SCBA for use at car fires. I have exercised induced asthma too and I never had a problem going through class or fire drills. It only bothered me in High school for a bit, and I just took the inhaler before gym class started and no problems.

    I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed in the dept. most area's are begging for people. You can still drive, do exterior things, safety etc. I understand not being allowed on the 1st due engine. Even though I'm interior I'm usually pulled away for EMS, accountability, etc

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