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    Cool Horizontal Ventilation and window screens

    I have been challenged by my truck captain to find out what the percentage of obstruction is, caused by window screens that are not removed when attempting horizontal ventilation. No, I didn't forget to take any screens out on a fire or anything like that. I am, however, unable to locate this information in any IFSTA manual I have and would greatly appreciate help. If you know the answer that is awesome, if you know where I can find that answer in text to show the boss man that would be even better.

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    I can not find the source but I have always known it to be 50%.

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    the answer is up to 50%. It is in the 4th edition of the ifsta manual I just don't have mine to say what page it's on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEDIC0372 View Post
    I can not find the source but I have always known it to be 50%.
    We are being taught 50%, but in the IFSTA book we are using, Essentials of Firefighting 4th ed., I can't find it in the text. I believe the video stated it.

    Update: in this text: The Firefighter's Handbook: Essentials of Firefighting and Emergency Response
    It states 44 percent reduction.
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    Ditto on the 50%. My instructors always said 50%, but I never saw it in print anywhere. I do know that a lot more air blows through my house in the early spring prior to putting the screens back in!

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    I just got out of the fire academy and yes all of my instructors say 50%.

    IFSTA Essentials Of Fire Fighting 4th Edition


    Page# 367

    Location- lower right paragraph

    "Remove all obstacles to the airflow. Even a window screen will cut effective exaust by half."

    This statement is related to the sub topic, "Negative-Pressure Ventilation".

    Now you can show him exactly where it is in the book.
    Tyler Robertson

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