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    Default Globe pants with internal harness

    Is anyone using these pants or has anyone tested these pants?


    If so, what were your impression of them?

    How is the deploy ability of the harness? What kind of carabiner are you using? What kind of rope system are you using?

    Thank you.

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    We spent some time talking to the reps from Globe about these in Harrisburg. It looks like a nice system. I got to try them on and you could tell that the harness was there, but it didn't seem to restrict movement at all. I think that we're going to look at upgrading to these in the G-Xtreme for our interior guys with our next order coming up soon. They have slightly modified either pocket in the pants with a kind of a rope management system, I just wish there was an actual divider to keep the rope and whatever else is in that pocket seperate. I'm going to ask our regional rep when she comes in at the end of the month.

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    Default Very Similar to Janesville's V-Force Harness

    When my department did some research into which gear to buy, Globe discontinued their harness option - this was about three years ago.


    We found through field-testing that the Janesville internal Class II harness was the better (in our opinion) harness than the Morning Pride options. Granted, Globe discontinued their harness option - but the Janesville harness is very comfortable and almost transparent to the firefighter - although your mileage may very.

    The final report of our (approximately) 6 month gear field test:


    And my department's official gear specification:

    I highly recommend you look at Janesville's gear - we found it to be far better fitting than its Globe counterpart. And while I haven't field-tested the new Globe harness - it does not look as though it has a upper-chest attachement, which offers several advantages for firefighter safety.

    If you have questions, feel free to email me.


    Richard M. Spackmann
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    Greenfield Fire District

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoaddoggAK View Post
    I just wish there was an actual divider to keep the rope and whatever else is in that pocket seperate. I'm going to ask our regional rep when she comes in at the end of the month.
    There is.
    I have the IH pants (I personally own, and specced them). I do NOT know that harness is there. At all. You pull them up like normal, click in the belt, and clip in your biner (leave the right loop attached, and clip in the left one after you pull them up). My right thigh pocket has 50ft of technora rope, and the crosby hook (same stuff FDNY uses. It is light, and takes up half a pocket), and a pair of extrication gloves in the other half of the pocket.
    Without a doubt, this is a HUGE change to the bunker pants. For a small charge, they will put this in your new bunker pants. I have had external mounted, internal, and belt/harnesses. Without a doubt, the Globe IH pants blow them all out of the water.
    I have a biner hooked to a small figure 8 decender, which is pre rigged to the 50 ft of rope in my pocket, and the crosby hook is tied into that.
    If I get the chance to get the Petzl EXO decender, I will jump at the chance to get that. But, there are no classes offered in my area.
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