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    Default Moving to Poolesville MD... Best way to start applying ?

    hey whats goin on guys ?

    I will be moving down to Poolesville MD the end of the summer. I need to start looking around the area for departments to apply to. I'm going down to DC on the 14th to drop off my entrance application. But I would like to look for more options as well.

    What tests will I need to take for Maryland ? Virginia?

    I take my EMT-B test this Saturday. Wish me luck I am also an Army reserve firefighter. Should this help me out at all applying down there ?

    any info would be great, thanks guys !


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    GO to Area Department Websites, sign up, take test when scheduled, it is not rocket science. DC has their age max, but there is nothing else in any other area department that should hinder you if your record is clean and you have graduated HS.
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