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Thread: 501(c)3

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfra900 View Post
    Beth; I assume that since you have split from the City, you have a formal agreement (28.E or other) to provide protection?
    Yes, we have written contracts with our Village and 2 Townships. We are extremely rural, and the next nearest fire department would be too far away for efficient fire protection, so we kind of have a monopoly on the district. We don't have the worries of them 'taking their business elsewhere' so to speak. That makes things a little easier for us in negotiating. Our Village and Townships pay for everything in their contracted amounts - gas, utilities, truck maintenance, insurance, training, office supplies, etc. If we want extra fun toys (equipment) we have a separate fundraising account for that. We have a decent relationship with them, and they're happy because they do have the ultimate decision making power, as they are our Board of Directors.


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    So a municipal county/parish Fire Department CAN in fact obtain 501(c)3?
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    Correct. Any non-profit organization can apply for 501c3 status, so as long as the goal of the FD isn't to make money and disburse it to stockholders you're good to go.

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    Default completed 501(c)(3)

    Hello Beth,

    I realize that this is a very old posting. I'm hoping you'll get this message. I'm currently filling out the 1023 for my Fire Company and I'd be thrilled if I was able to refer to your completed application knowing that you got approved. Thanks in advance for any help.


    Quote Originally Posted by befferk View Post
    Just went through all this... actually we are still going through it. Our department just separated from our Village.

    First, we filed our Articles of Incorporation with the state to become a non-profit, non-stock corporation. Be careful with this step. We did ours, then when we went to file our 501(c)3 app (IRS Form 1023), we found out we were going to have to amend our Articles to meet the requirements to apply. Not a big deal, just time-consuming. So before you file your Articles, read the instructions for Form 1023. It will tell you what they need to say basically word for word. While we were filing our Articles, we got our Federal Tax ID #. That was very easy. You also have to have Bylaws. And get your Board of Directors set up. Just because you are set up with the state as a non-profit corporation, you are NOT tax exempt. You still have to apply with the IRS and be approved. Then once you get federal tax exempt, then you have to file with your state, which is much easier.

    Then the 501(c)3 application. I spent 2 months on this, literally. The instructions are extremely helpful, but VERY lengthy. I don't see a need for an attorney if you have someone that has some time to dedicate to it. If you need help with this step, let me know, I will send you a pdf file of our complete application. Some of the questions are very tricky and need to be answered in a certain way to qualify. The cost for us to apply for 501(c)3 was $750.00.

    Hope that helps some.


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