Thank you for allowing non firefighters to participate in your open forums. I have many friends and relatives that belong to your firefighting family. My brother is a fire instructor in New Jersey and my best friend just retired from the NYFD as a officer with 20 years service and proud participant of 911 search and rescue.
I actually found this site looking for companies that are involved in the building process of new and retrofitting of firehouses. I work for an American speaker company that has been gaining a strong presence in firehouse applications, especially in the apparatus bays. We manufacture an omni directional speaker that provides clear, intelligible voice, a must for any emergency services enviornment. I do not want this post to sound like an advertisement but I know from firefighter feedback, that every house that we have worked with is satisfied, and being in sales this could be a win win for all.
Can anyone point me in the proper direction or whom to speak to in regard to having our made in America speaker evaluated. I guess it will be different from state to state ?
our webpage for those interested is
thank you and please stay safe.