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    Default Side impact airbag inflator placement

    In Jan. of this year my wife and I opened a vehicle restyling business in Hendersonville Tn. Two of our services include leather installation on seats and sunroof installations. The information I have been able to gather on airbag inflator placement, roof structure design and air bag location has been awesome. I have compilled a list of several SUVs , Sedans, and vehicles along with some pics and hope to post them soon. These places are a wealth of information for any of you as a firefighter. GO by and look at these vehicles while an install is underway. You will be amazed at what you can learn.
    For instance does anyone know that a Hyundai sedan has side impact airbags in the rear seat in the side bolesters. NOT in the door but the very end of the seat back right next to the door. I will post this info in the next couple of weeks and try to update it as I can.

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    From what I have seen yes, Hyundai Elantra from 2004 is one of the called low budget cars that come with this system. The information you are giving and say that will be providing it will defenetly be of great help to the EMS. Sometimes you may even search for the Emergency Extrication Guide. As there are for many brands. Also you can check www.autodesignextrication.com They also have interesting information on vehicle safety.


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