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    Default 'FIRE BLOCKADE' Foam Product - Thoughts?

    I am writing from Victoria, BC Canada.
    We have been told about this amazing new foam product to be used on Class A/B & K fires.
    I would like to get your feedback on this stuff - have you ever used it, does it work well and is it cost effective? How does it work within your FoamPro system - does it deteriorate the inside of the tank or fittings?
    Thank you for your assistance!

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    Sounds like our Steph may be doing some research for the distributor. A question such as this from someone with a few posts could be believed, but a 1st timer? Come on Steph, own up. (Hmm, we use FoamPro..._
    "Professional" means your attitude to the job...

    Nullus Anxietas ..... (T Pratchett)

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