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    Default Helmets Sliding on Long Hair

    Hey everyone-

    Before you tell me to get a haircut, let me just say that I'm a woman. I'm having trouble with my helmet because it keeps sliding up, down, and all around on me. It's very tight already, but because of my long hair, the helmet still slides along the hair both when I do and don't have it pulled back into a ponytail. With my hood on, it stays perfectly still with no problems whatsoever, but when responding to a MVC, there's no need for a hood and the helmet keeps slumping over my face when I'm trying to evaluate the patient. I might post this in the women's forum too... but any advice on getting it to stay still? Like I said, tightening it doesn't help... so any advice OTHER than cutting my hair or always wearing my hood? Thanks!

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    Default New idea?

    What about tying a bandanna to cover your head on those occasions?

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    Did you consider talking to the Chief about a rescue style helmet? Explian your prediciment to him and see if the dept would be willing to get you one. If not, see if he would allow you to purchase one that the dept would approve you using for these calls. Something like the Bullard USRX helmet would work. You're going to get a little lighter weight and it doesn't have the rear tail on the helmet, making it a little easier to move around in the car. Theyre also NFPA, if that matters to the dept. Stress to him that you would only be wearing this on rescue situations, and that you still can wear your structural helpet for all the other calls.

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    I'd go with the bandana suggestion, or what about those skull-cap things that a lot of the NFL'ers wear? Even though they look like they're wearing panty-hose on the way to a robbery.

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    Have you tried tucking the "Ear / Neck protector" up into your helmet?
    If you don't need a hood then you don't need that either.

    Also - I'll second the idea of a different helmet the USRX or the Cairns 360R & HP3 are all good choices in Low Profile helmets.

    The Bandana / "Doo Rag" idea is also good, just make sure it's in line with your Dept's uniform policy (if you have one).
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    Good suggestions.

    I'm not trying to be funny, but is your head rather small? Perhaps there is a different manufacturer's helmet that would fit you better.

    Do they make different size helmets (band size)? I've never researched that before.....

    OH, and get a haircut!

    I am now a past chief and the views, opinions, and comments are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for any department or in any official capacity. Although, they would be smart to listen to me.

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    Stop using certain hair care products!


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