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    Default Question about Indiana PERF?

    Hello all. I was given a conditional job offer about a month ago and have been taking various tests ever since. I have pass the Polygraph, physical, drug test, Psychological Test and all results were sent to the Indiana PERF (public employees retirement fund) pension for final approval. Everyone else selected has already got the OK but they requested additonal medical documents from me. I do not think I have any serious medical conditions that would disqualify me from employement. Does anyone know if the pension board has ever denied anyone employement even though they have passed all of there tests? I think that I should be OK, I just hate waiting around for all of these results to come though so I thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone has any relevant information to share.


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    Have you heard back yet??

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    In some cases if you have had a previous medical issue (surgery) they might want additional information. Say if you had ACL repair on a knee, PERF would want that documented so down the road if your ACL goes out, it may not be covered by PERF. You can still get hired, you would just sign a waiver acknowledging your pre-existing medical conditions.

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