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    Arrow Tell me about the Milwaukee FD

    I'm a career FF across state lines looking to possibly make a move to a "big city". How big is the department? How many fires annually? Pay Scale? Union? How involved is the department in EMS? Residency requirements? And anything else you can tell me that I missed.


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    residency yes in city,
    union local 215
    EMS is good with paramedic fire service
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    Default Enough is enough.


    The members of the Milwaukee Fire Department, along with the city's citizens need you help.
    There are devastating budget cuts looming for the department in the upcoming budget, for 2009. Please contact your elected officials and tell them to not place the citizens of Milwaukee in danger. The department has faced constant cuts over the previous four years, and now once again for 2009. These cuts will now jeopardize lives, without question. The department has been cut to the bone.
    The department is there to help the community, without condition. Now the department needs your help. Without the help of the people it serves, peoples lives will be placed in danger. The ability of the department to provide it's life saving service will be diminished.
    Remember also, ALL Milwaukee firefighters live with in the city of Milwaukee. These cuts also place these same firefighters families in jeopardy, along with yours.

    A quote from the Local-215 web-site :

    On May 13th 2008 Chief Douglas Holton submitted a 2009 Fire Department Budget that reflected 4.5% reduction for budget year 2009 as requested by the Mayor. That represents approximately a $4.5 million gutting of the Fire Service.

    In order to achieve this reduction the Chief proposes cutting 39 frontline Firefighting positions thus reducing the staffing on all apparatus to 4. In a time when we all, at least the leadership and members of this Union, feel that this Department has already been cut to the bone. There continues to be a disconnect between the Administration and the frontline operational firefighting forces that do the work day in and day out.

    We as a Department need leadership who is prepared to market the mission of the Fire Service and deter the Mayor and City Hall from using the bogus excuse that other Cities do it and response times do not suffer. This is a weak argument that does not consider firefighter safety and the quality of service the citizens of this community are entitled to.

    Firefighter safety is comprehensive. It involves having a sufficient number of well trained emergency personnel on scene to mitigate dangerous situations. The proper level of staffing is imperative to all of these areas.

    Once again we are faced with a fight to stave off devastating cuts. This Union must be united in this effort. There will be some tough decisions to be made as we go forward. Every man and woman in this Union must take a stand and in our collective voices say enough is enough.

    Local 215 will protest the proposed 2009 Budget cuts with a Press Conference on Monday, June 23, 2008 in the City Hall Rotunda at 10:00 a.m. All members of Local 215 - past and present as asked to assist us in this very important mission. Bring your families, neighbors and friends! Please be at City Hall on Monday, June 23rd at 10:00 a.m. - wear your optional clothing and show support for your fellow brothers and sisters! Their safety is on the line!

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    Firefighters protest proposed staff cuts

    Milwaukee firefighters packed City Hall this morning to protest staff cuts Fire Chief Doug Holton has proposed for the 2009 city budget.

    Officials with Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association Local 215, aldermen and firefighters from the St. Paul, Minn., Fire Department spoke to a crowd of about 200 firefighters, retired and active, and their families.

    "It's not just about firefighter safety, it's about your family's safety," Local 215 President Bobbie Webber said of the proposed cuts.

    Chris Parsons, secretary of the St. Paul firefighters union, said Holton made similar cuts while chief of that department, creating what he called "a crisis" and leading to the union giving him a vote of no confidence.

    Holton has proposed eliminating 39 positions by reducing the number of firefighters on ladder trucks from five to four. Those jobs would be lost to attrition, Eileen Force, a spokeswoman for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, said last week.

    Holton would not comment today, but issued a statement saying the National Fire Protection Association, which requires only four-member ladder teams, has scrutinized his department for having five.

    "I am confident that through the political process we will all agree to support a strategy that combines the highest level of firefighter safety with the highest level of fire, EMS and rescue services to all residents of our city," the statement read.

    Firefighter Mark Pegelow said crews are understaffed already and with another round of cuts, things would get worse.

    "Trying to get things done on a day-to-day basis is impossible. We can't accomplish the jobs without enough manpower," Pegelow said as he picketed outside City Hall after the news conference.

    Barrett has proposed firefighter cuts each of the last three years. Each time, the firefighters union protested, and fewer jobs were cut.


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