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    Default firefighter in indiana

    I live in indiana and i have thought about becoming a firefighter for a long time. I just dont know where to start to pursue the career. Do i just start taking local classes and then apply somewhere? Where can i get a list of requirements? I suppose my ultimate question would be who do i contact locally to get me started?

    thanks everyone


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    The first thing is what part of Indiana do you live in and are you willing to move? Some areas of the state are better for getting a job than others. Are there any vol. departments around you? Ivy Tech has a fire science program. Most hospitals offer EMT-B courses as well as Ivy Tech. Answering these questions will help you get on the right path. Feel free to PM me if yuo have more questions.

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    Default bloomington

    I live in bloomington. There is a vol. firehouse just down the road from my home. Should i start there? What kind of classes do i have to take before i can volunteer?

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