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    To help you with your decision on which department to select take a piece of paper and put a line down the center. On the left of the line put all the positive things you can think of for one department. On the right list all the negatives. Repeat the process for the other department. The decision might be easier when you compare the two lists.

    As tough as it is to get this job, candidates don't believe me when I tell them they could expect multiple job offers. It's not uncommon to get two job offers. It is my opinion and experience to go forward with both (no don't let them know of each other unless they ask) and make the final decision as the process unfolds. Make sure you have the job offer in writing in you hot little hands before you make your decision. Don't be surprised if both departments send you to the same psych doctor.

    You never know what's going to happen in the hiring process. Follow each job offer until the end of the process. If you like one department better and tell the other one good by, what are you going to do if the one you likes doesn't hire you?

    One candidate got 3 job offers in 8 days. He went forward in all 3, and then made his decision.

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    For once Capt Crunch made a good point with out making something into a total advertisement. There is no reason to decide between the two until you are at the end of the process. Montgomery County is going through great budget tightening than Fairfax County is right now. This might mean at the end of the process there is not a job available, or they could defer you for a while. Or Fairfax could start to feel the budget pinch more and you have the problem there. Keep going with both.

    Both are Excellent departments. The Virginia side of the river means that labor laws are on the county's side, not yours, when it comes to a lot of collective barginning situations and the calculation of OT. (this is a positive in my mind from a political philosophy, but not really from an individual point of view as a worker) But you do have a lot of cool USAR and other unique opportunities on the Fairfax side too. Maryland you have the labor law on your side with full compensation for every hour you work or take leave. But you will be working in a very democratically controlled county with the pluses and minuses that come with that.

    You will be in a situation to chose between two great opportunities. You might do better at one than the other, but you won't go wrong with either. Keep the process going, and GOOD LUCK! Let us know how it goes!
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