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    Default Hello Firehouse.com folks!

    Hi, Im Jerry and I am just beginning the long long road to becoming a wildland firefighter.
    First off I must say, great website yall! I am really glad I came across this valuable resource, and I will have many many questions for you all.
    I am a student at a local community college where I am majoring in Forest Technology, and in this program I took a basic fire course (S130/S190) which is what lit my fire to make me want to fight fires.
    So I have volunteered at the Eglin AFB Jackson Guard Natural Resources Division. They have almost 500,000 acres of range, and have burned about 200,000 acres already this season. I know I am way late in the season, but hopefully I'll get a few fires under my belt so that next season I will be able to hop on a hand crew and really get to it.
    All we are waiting on is some rain, because NW Florida has been quite dry for a while and prescribed burns are out of the question at the moment.
    My goal is to gain some experience here close to home and then make a major move out west to fight wildfires in the mountains - being an Eagle Scout the idea of 2 weeks straight on a fireline diggin handlines and eatin MREs (meals rejected by ethiopians) sounds awesome to me - and to get paid on top of that? Amazing!

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    hello from philadelphia pa

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