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    Exclamation Help please, I dont understand this.

    I applied for a GS04 firefighter job and this is my NOR'S. I have not heard anything else. Should I call someone or just continue to wait. This is the first time I have applied for DOD fire job so any info would be greatly appreciated.

    This is a record of your application for Federal Employment in the occupation shown below. This is not a job offer.
    This notice provides information contained in your record as it appears in the files of the Servicing Office shown
    above. Your qualification and any veteran preference claims are subject to verification.
    Series - Position Title: 0081 - Firefighter
    Vacancy ID Number: 186181
    Announcement Number: EA8-0081-04-MQ186181-DE
    Date of Availability:
    Full-time Employment: Yes
    Part-time Employment: None
    Temporary Employment: None
    Travel Availability: None
    Geographic Availability:
    Jacksonville, NC

    You must meet all medical, suitability, and qualification requirements to be considered for a position.
    Specialty Code: 001
    Specialty Title: Competitive
    Grade: 04
    Rating: EL
    Rating Code Rating Message
    EL You are eligible for this specialty and grade.

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    pretty much just says that they've received your application and that it is under review. Good Luck!


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    Expect the process to take a few weeks. If you get impatient or havent heard anything call your CPAC ADvisor who is performing the hiring. But it does take time...

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    just be patient and glad you didn't apply for an open continous list, thats when u apply but ur name/application goes on a big list. then when they need to fill, they start screening and calling/emailing. at least the job you applied for has an announcement number

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    Default not always

    It doesn't always take a few weeks but it may also take many months. We put two new guys on last month that initially applies in November of last year. On the other extreme I just got a phone call yesterday for a new place and the call came about 48 hours after the announcement closed. It was so fast that the computer still hasn't even been updated to show that they havee my application. each base is different on how long they will take and even within the same base some announcements take longer to fill than others. If you don't hear anything in a few weeks then maybe wait a few more.

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    Thanks for all the responces, I still havent heard anything back yet, but im keeping my fingers crossed. I have been through an interveiw and now have a test scheduled for a department up here in Alaska, so if offered that job I will end up taking it and keep trying for fed fire.

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