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    Default Non-ranking eligibility list

    Hey all,

    I am currently on an eligibility list for a city that is going to hire 10 guys in the next year. I've made it through the written, physical, and interview. There are 20 names on the list, but they are not ranked. This particular city/FD doesn't rank people, they just throw names on the list and the chief "picks" the names of those he wants to hire. My question is this: Is there a way to increase my chances? Should I get my Vol. Chief (who knows the Chief who will be making the choices) to call and give me a recommendation, or would that be over the top? Thoughts, advice, info as always are appreciated. Stay safe, stay low.

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    Wow, no one has any thoughts on this? I thought at least Capt Bob, BC Lepore, or GW would have had something to say!

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    Have you asked your Vol. Chief what he thinks? It seems most departments don't give regard to letters of recommendation these days.

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