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    Default Hiring and applications numbers...

    have you seen an increase or decrease in the number of applicants? A local here had 12 for one position. (And they are one of the best starting pay & good bennies)none passed....next batch was a few more. But, not much.

    What is it like on your dept. and area? Lots of people wanting the job?

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    I think you'll find that unless the department has a reputation for being absolutely horrible, there will always be far more applicants than there are positions available.

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    Wow, only 12 applicants for one position? Where is that? Those are good odds if you are a competent candidate. Usually here in CA, the average turnout for one spot at a "small" dept. is a few hundred or there is usually a limit to how many apps they accept. City of Torrance had 1600 applicants for 12 spots. But right now is a good time to get hired as the Baby Boomers are on their way to retirement.

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