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    Default Politics and Unions , Firefighters and Politics , oil and water !

    Lets start at the top:
    Fire Department Admin(Like in the Buffalo New Fire Department) are Political appointees. Obvious conflict.

    Union Admin is lead by a Captain (who's looking to advance) - pretty iffy if you really look at it! Who does he actually work for ? Salary from the "City Government and Union Admin paid by the dues paying members" Now heres the rub: What if the Union Admin - The headquarters leaders - and the City Admin is all in the same extremely close knit "Political Group" and most almost all grew up together!

    How can there be no collusion between them ? How can a firefighter trust the Admin or the Union if ones brought up on charges lodged by them , hearings controlled by them and they control the outcome ?

    How can a group like this not be swayed at contract time when Politics and paychecks bind them all ?

    Yes , most Fire Admin are past Firefighters of one rank or another. But once they have committed to a career that hinges solely on "Politics and Political agenda's" how can they still remain "Objective , untainted and unbias?"

    What if your brought up on charges and your from another "Political Party" one perceived to be a "Threat to their dominance?"

    What if your a "Gun owner" and they are anti-gun ownership?

    What if you expose questionable spending of Union Dues money ?

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    Tell me how you could trust this system to be watching your back !

    Just my thoughts - whats your ?

    God Bless - stay safe !

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