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    Default Wildland Firefighting Boots

    This is becoming more of an issue than it should be. Any suggestions on boots for a up and coming handcrew member?

    Ive really been thinking about these:


    I am in flat sandy florida and dont need logger's heels.

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    Check with the agency you are going to be working for, there are regulations as to what you can wear.
    It also depends on what you are going to be doing, and if there is a chance you would travel to other areas.

    I recommend Nicks and Whites, they cost a little more but are well worth the money when you end up living in your boots.
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    Whatever you buy, make sure you break them in BEFORE going on a fire. Breaking in boots on a fire has often caused the wear to have to sit out and miss the fun (and in some cases the extra $$ from being on the line) due to blisters.
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    Spiff are you planning on getting one of the state's handcrews and deploying out West?, or are you just going to wear them for fires here in the sunshine state? Personally I wear herman Survivor's (from wal*mart) that suit me fine in my job for Forestry (but then I'm on either a dozer or and engine, so I don't see much walking).. If you do plan on going out west, then by all means get yourself some White's, drew, etc, whatever suits your preference and budget

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