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    Default Civil Service Certification

    Hey all. I'm at the end of a hiring process for a large city department. My dream is coming closer! I had my medical exam, and I checked out fine. I was fitted for gear and uniforms last week. The last step is civil service certification.

    I was wondering, do I have to take the Civil Certification Exam? My letter did not say anything about a test; all my letter said was "Upon completion of the medical exam, and fitting for uniforms and protective gear, your information will be submitted for civil service certification". Just curious about this last step until my formal academy invite!


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    Ted- There is no way to answer your question. Every place is different. I am sure they will call you when they are ready for the next step. Just sit back and relax.

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    When they say that I think they just mean that your information, test scores, bkrnd, and other pertinent info will be presented to a civil service commision for certification to hire. Many cities and states use a civil service board. Usually they are a few members of the community appointed by the mayor. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I am sure that there will not be another written test. Good luck! Sounds like you captured your dream congratulations.

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