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    Default Probie from TX

    Probie here. Been visiting the site for quite some time now. Just graduated fire academy in Jan of 2008. Half of my first year behind me, looking forward to the rest of my time as a FF.

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    Great to have you on. You'll never look back! Where in TX are you at?

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    Welcome aboard to both the fire service and this forum. Jump in and have fun.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

    Aggressive does not have to equal stupid.

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    Welcome to wonderful world of the fire service. Where did you go to the academy at and what part of the State are you from. Remember when posting on this forum that you only have one day of firefighting experience and some of the guys/gals with two days experience will try and eat you alive because they have so much knowledge in there two days expericnce they know it all.
    A "Good" fire is not measured by how big it is, but by the fact that everyone is going home safe, and that we possibly learned something new about firefighting. Member:IACOJ

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    welcome i hope you lean a lot here

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