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    Default WOW 9/11 Victims Seek Bin Laden Family Fortune

    Normally I would not support lawsuits of this type, but this would be one of those exceptions. I wish the best of luck for the families involved and hope they get a speedy response, although knowing how courts move on such things...... I wonder if their great grandchildren will see the end?

    9/11 Victims Seek Bin Laden Family Fortune. Saudi Binladen Group Lawyers Call Move 'Wishful Thinking'

    POSTED: 12:10 am EDT June 16, 2008

    NEW YORK -- As the United States continues its long manhunt for Osama bin Laden, victims of Sept. 11 are focusing on their own target: the bin Laden family fortune.

    Victims and survivors of the 2001 attack and insurance companies said the bin Laden family should be held liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. They said the bin Laden family failed to cut off ties with their infamous relative after learning he was devising terrorist plots.

    Lawyers for the victims and survivors have asked a federal judge to let them seek more information to prove their claim. Their lawsuit targets the Saudi Binladin Group, along with numerous banks, charities and individuals worldwide.

    The Saudi Binladin Group is a construction and engineering company that has expansive holdings in the Middle East. Osama bin Laden once owned a small stake in the company.

    Lawyers for the Saudi Binladin Group have accused the plaintiffs of "wishful thinking" and "wild speculation."

    Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press.

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    Good luck to them., But seriously, let's say that they get an American court to rule in their favour. Just how much do they think that ruling will mean to a Saudi Arabian company? Now, if they were to try the same thing in a Saudi court!!! Mind you, they wouldn't want to try it with female lawyers...
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