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Thread: Panic/Anxiety In The Fire Service

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    Default Panic/Anxiety In The Fire Service

    I am 21yrs old and on my probationary term after my blood pressure is regulated, since mine is a little high and the Chief wants it to be taken care of before I start responding, which makes perfect sense. I only have one question though, do you have any suggestions on dealing with panic attacks when responding to calls? I know adrenaline pumps no matter what, and if I take a Xanax that is prescribed to me, I'll be really lethargic and be in-efficient to the call itself. Does anyone else suffer from panic disorder/anxiety/nausea while responding, or outside of duty? How do you surpass it when you respond? Thanks in advance fellow brothers!

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    You are probably not going to like it, but you asked....

    You are hypertensive, theres one strike against you, in a career where cardiovascular related injuries are already numerous.

    You have panic attacks? Sorry, but I would want to be as far away from you as I could get. I want to be paired with someone who is calm, cool and collected.

    Taking Rx meds that alter your metal status is beyond bad.

    Perhaps the Fire Service just isn't for you...
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    BLS is right. . . Sorry to say if you are 21 and have B/P and panic problems maybe this is not for you.

    If you do not respond yet how do you know you will have panic attacks while you are responding? If you are having panic attacks in everyday life you would be pretty much be incapacitated at a decent fire.

    Not bashing on you, I hope it all turns out okay for you.
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