We currently have an issue within our fire dept. We are a 100% volunteer fd and cover 120+sq miles divided between 4 stations. each station contains 1 engine, 1 tanker, 1 rescue, and 1 squad/ems. we are a bls dept. and run an average of 2000 calls a year.
with the cost of fuel prices going up, some changes have came down from upper mgmt. BEFOREe we would get toned out on an ems call and the in district station would be responsible for running the call. if they did not get out than the 2nd due station would run the call once we recieved a 2nd set of tones (2nd set of tones are set 4 min after the initial call is recieved and no truck gets responding). worked great for the last idk how many years.
well now with the fuel costs, changes have been made: now ONLY the in district station can run ems calls. even if there is a crew at the second due station and a 2nd set of tones go out they are no longer able to run the calls.

my question is if there is a crew at that 2nd due station and they dont respond can they be held liable legally under the "duty to act". or any kind of legal issue be brought up?
I just want to make sure that the upper mgmt has not set the firefighters up for trouble legally.