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    Default Help finding photos please...

    I am looking for some good structure fire photos of different smoke conditions for a reading smoke class...preferably prior to flaming and of a size large enough to convey through a projector...Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stay Safe!
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    From previous experience, I'd recommend you use videos instead of pictures. One of the most important attributes you are trying to get is the speed/turbulence of the smoke. In addition, the most important factor is change in smoke condition. You cant tell speed and change from a photo.

    Look on YouTube. If you are teaching where there is no internet, go to real player and download the latest version. It allows you to record videos to the computer you are using.

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    Default Video

    I'm not aware of where you can get pictures. Here are a couple of good youtube vids. There are a ton.



    Good luck

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