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    Default out of state, list 6019

    I currently live in Chicago and I took the CFD test back in '06. I also took the FDNY test 6019. The way they give you your eligible list number in Chicago is not by your grade, but by your SS#. so im in the 8000's. So I knew it was going to be a while. So I started testing other places. Such as NYC. my list number for the FDNY is 20##. And as I have been reading this thread, I realize that DCAS is getting closer and closer to my number. when do I have to move to NYC? soon? Is there anything else I should be doing also? I'll move in a heartbeat. I just want to be a firefighter more than anything. I hope you New Yorkers don't mind working with someone from Chicago.

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    You need residency by the first day at the academy. You will get a whole packet with documents to fill out, etc.... Talk to the DCAS when you get further along in you're process, paperwork, medical, etc.. etc.. etc.. You should have sufficent time to move.

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