Hi guys and gals, I am trying to help a friend in need. As a former Fire Fighter myself because of my health, I know when someone is in need. I have a close friend who was there for me when I was down. he is trying to keep his business of making first responder bags for this industry going. But overseas companies are making it hard for him to feed his family. this is not a joke, he really needs help with his company. He knows nothing about my plea. I am just trying to help someone in need. Because he was there for me when I needed help. Just trying to help. He needs to keep his business running. As a former fighter myself I am going to do my best to help him. And if you need a reference just ask Kenny Adams, The best Chief that Lancaster Kentucky Ever had. And this is how serious I am about helping someone in need. My number is 1-859-792-1288 ask for Robert. I am also posting this in the EMS forum. If you need more references, ask Lanny Ray Assistant Chief on the Lancaster City fire dept. He is a member here, Please help, if you can. Thanks Robert Carter.