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    Would it effect my chances to get in to FDNY if I have taken multiple tests for other cities and the state trooper or should I keep trying to get in where I can without changeing my address? I am 26 and got out of the Marines last year so I'm working to get on with a paid fire company or the troopers before it's to late. My goal is to get on with FDNY but when I took the test I wasn't prepared so I'm stuck in the high 4,000's. While I'm waiting for the next test though I don't want to let other opportunities go by. Any input would be helpful. Thanks


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    A smart man once told me to take a many exams as possible. Don't wait just for that dream job it might never come... Good luck.
    Fir Na Tine

    "You can't help anyone, without getting there first!"

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