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    Default Boston Sports Fans the Best? Yeah, Right!

    My son is working in Boston for the summer. He works in an office over by the TD Banknorth Garden. He was describing for me the damage to the buildings in the area of the Garden after the idiots who claim to be Celtics fans rioted after the game. Very special way to salute your team.

    An article: http://www.boston.com/news/local/art...lers_arrested/

    Videos: http://youbeenblinded.com/boston-cel...after-victory/

    (Don't tell me it was only a handful of bad apples. There are hundreds of fans in just that one video).

    I also love some of the feedback on the article. It seems as though the fans are trying to excuse what they did because the Lakers fans rioted in 2000. Good point.

    Isn't it odd that this never happens when a New York team wins?

    For a historical note, this has happened before when the Red Sox won up there. You guys must be so proud.

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    Default Cleveland Rocks (sort of)


    I can tell you from experience that this has never happened when my beloved Cleveland sports teams have won a championship, o wait, (shakes head, walks away and sheds a few tears) I guess we have never had to worry about it.

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