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    Default Focal Plane Array

    I'm looking into purchasing a Thermal Imaging unit. Information on the internet is very complex for a newcomer. Additionally, there seems to be an extremely wide range of thermal imaging devices for various applications. At this point I'm very confused about what sort of unit I should get.

    First of all, I'm investigating the purchase of TI for use in private security, and I realize this is a forum for firefighters, but there is almost no online TI community so I've end up here.

    Here's a specific question:
    FLIR VSR-6 - http://thermalvideo.com/thermal-imag...flir_vsr-6.htm
    Thermal-Eye X-150 - http://www.morovision.com/thermal_imagers/x200xp.htm

    The VSR-6 says it has a "640x480 InSb focal plane array" while the X-150 says it has a "Focal Plane Array Pixel Count (Resolution) 160 x 120", yet the X150 is more expensive and says it has a much greater range. Can anyone explain what this means?


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    The FPA is the infrared detector on the device. It is a wafer with a number of individual pixels that sense heat and translate that into electricity. The number of pixels, just like with a digital camera, is normally related to image quality. This is more important the larger the image becomes.

    The text at the top of the VSR6 page indicates a 160x120 detector, not a 640x480. Based on the $3500 price, I'd guess on the smaller detector. It also has a 7.5 Hz refresh, which is very low. The X200XP is the same size detector, but has a 30 Hz rate.

    Detection range is an estimate and can be affected by the lens configuration (the X200XP has different lenses; the VSR6 does not). Also, one of these is portable, the other is not...there's a price for that as well.
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