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    Does anyone have any information about being a SWAT-Medic? I've got a few years before I can do it and I'm torn between SM and Flight-Medic. I work for the air-ambulance company where I live as a dispatcher which is fun, but my goal would be FM or SM.

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    go flight medic...the other is useless

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    here in arizona the best option is with our DPS. Right now guys are only having to wait 6-12 months to apply for SWAT. Most guys that do it that fast have military experience as well. I am currently in medic school with a DPS swat officer. They do not currently have dedicated positions as medics but will in the future but you will have to be a swat guy first. DPS medics also do air rescue. which includes ems, technical rescue, SAR and recon.

    Your best bet is to check with your local departments. Some will have medics for their teams, some will have FF/PM's who are certified leo's and will go on call outs with them and some will just have FD stand by. Itall depends on the agency.

    You have 2 paths really. Become a cop or a firefighter and pursue your options from there.

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