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    Default FDNY Red or Blue suspenders?

    Dear Sirs.

    I have to know. Whats with the colour of fire fighters suspenders? Red or Blue? On the FDNY museum web (http://www.nycfiremuseum.org/about/c...s_clothing.php) I read this:

    …..bunker gear that more completely protects the body; it consists of a matching jacket and pants of tear, fire, and water-resistant fabrics; blue suspenders, not red, hold up his pants. On his head is the same type of helmet as worn in the 1980's…..

    Whats this with the “not red” suspenders?

    Best regards

    added 29.6.08: Now I know. It because there is an old saying: "Q: Why do firemen have red suspenders? A: To hold up there pants"
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