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    Your welcome, check with Dyncorp for FF positions in Afghanistan too. A good website is best of luck with your job search as well!

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    DoD regulations for entry FF's are the same for Dod contractors. 37 is the cut off age unless a waiver is granted. That doesn't mean that they follow these rules....

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    As far as I can tell, 37 is the cut-off for ops, unless you have previous time served. I don't think there's an age cut-off for prevention. You will need a secret clearance for Kwaj as well.

    To you young guys...if I were you, i would try to get hired by a city or DOD department anywhere I could. The contract world is shrinking and some companies are already hiring FNs (foreign nationals) because they can get them cheaper than expats. Just a bit of advice from someone who has been there...

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