I am looking for input on truck company seat assingments? ie, irons, cutman, ect.

My dept recently brought on a new truck Ladder Tender 321. We are tasked with either truck co operations or engine operations depending on arrival at the scene and other truck co location. It is a rescue body engine with a 1000gal tank. We are set up to perform most ltruck functions besides the big ladder.

So as of now we have our general engine positions Eng, Capt, nozz and plug. Now we are trying to mcome up with the dual assignment for each of the back seat guys depending on the fire ground needs. Right now we are going with Nozzel man as the cut man for roof ops and for extrication. The plug man as back-up and punch on the roof and extrication. And we bring whatever tools we feel neccesary for other assignments.

So a long story short I would like to hear some other agencies truck/rescue seat assignments for tools and tasks.

Thank you.