Hey all,

ive got a rigorous CPAT next week for a great dept, and i can get through all the timed events with good time left on the clock, but pushing the keiser sled along in the 56 seconds allotted. During practice, i was advice to try locking my arms and bringing the hammer down with its own momentum, maybe trying keeping one foot ahead of the block & one behind, etc - these shaved seconds off, no doubt, but not comfortably under the buzzer.

Unfortuantely, there's no more practices this week, but i really feel i've the strength to pull it off, i'm looking for technique tips, though. One instructor said quick, rapid hits might save time, but obviously not move the block a great deal. The other angle is bringing the hammer up higher & trying to drive it further back in, but this takes seconds more - just wanted to see if anyone had ideas, or perhaps youtube videos/other links for technique suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any help offered, it's most appreciated.