It's been quiet for 2007 SAFER and FP updates, but for those wondering here's what's left in the piggy bank for the 07 fiscal year awards.

AFG - $11,963,772 (2%)
SAFER - $15,684,390 (14%)
FIRE PREVENTION - $13,416,083 (41%)

Thanks to onebugle for that running tab on AFG.

The AFG funds are dependent upon how much of the $27M the staff actually used for program administration. In the past, Mr. Harrington and his staff have been able to administer the program with less funding than allowed, and they have appropriated administrative funds for more AFG awards. (Way cool!)

Last year some FY2006 supplementals dropped around the first of July. I know there will be some 07's coming soon too.

Ok, back to 2008 now.